Which Enterprise Ecommerce Platform Solution is Better? Shopify Plus Vs Oracle

ecommerce-platformThe kind of platform you decide to go for will make a significant difference in relation to your success. Settling for an appropriate choice will give your firm an opportunity of growing with it. On the other hand, a wrong choice results in having a poorly performing site, which will pose a challenge when it comes to incorporating the growing changes of the business.

There are many questions at the moment concerning whether Shopify plus or oracle provides a better solution in the line of enterprise ecommerce. The information provided in this article will make a comparison between the two platform solutions in order to assist you identify which of the two would appropriately suite your business enterprise. The information provided will put focus on each of their abilities.

First, let’s get a broad look on both Shopify plus and oracle. The market share of Shopify is at 8.4%, which is high and has also increased its shares by 124% in a single year.

The G2 grid, rates the market presence and client satisfaction of different ecommerce platforms. Oracle is listed as a contender since they have a significant resource and market presence, but the user satisfaction rate of their products is below average, probably due to less number of reviews that would authenticate their products. However, Shopify plus is listed as a leader since they offer highly rated products (according to G2 crowd users) on the ecommerce platform and have a considerably large market share, service resource and global support.



For an ecommerce firm, security is paramount, considering the number of sites that continuously get hacked. These software are meant to protect against malicious attacks and fraud due to the certifications and tools that have been put in place.

While both oracle and Shopify plus verify that their clients are PCI compliant, shopify plus offer a great solution in regards to keeping your store and information concerning your clients secure. This site also provides hosting, thus you don’t have to worry about taking the risks related to security breeching. Its level ensures that its client’s data is given protection that can be compared to that given to banks.

Oracle has released a new and advanced data-encryption feature that aims to protect information of the enterprise, from the central database to the desktops. On the other hand, the VPD (Virtual Private Database) feature is in a position to now work with a large database of simultaneous users.shopify

Marketing Friendliness

A good market team will definitely give you a large customer base and ensure your clients visit your site regularly. Therefore, it is crucial that they know how to manoeuvre through the process effortlessly. Often, you get most marketers do not have a strong background knowledge of the tech world thus you need to ensure that the platform makes it easy when it comes to things such as website description.

Shopify is considered to be more market friendly compared to oracle. This is because it gives your marketing team the opportunity to access key functions directly with the help of the admin panel. It is also inclusive of the ability to come up with conversion pixels that are meant to track campaigns on social media, discount code generator, advanced analytics and other extensions that are easy to incorporate.

However, Oracle is also making steps towards the direction Shopify has taken, as it has managed to introduce an oracle marketing cloud. This platform is considered as the most comprehensive type of marketing technology globally; it ensures firms get to comprehend their customer’s digital body language, as well as that of the prospects.

Although these are of great improvement, Shopify plus still remains to be the most comprehensive platform and easy platform for a marketing team.

SEO Optimization

Research shows that nearly half of all ecommerce purchases start with online searches. As a result, you need to select a platform that can fully support SEO optimization after having integrated it with search engines.

Shopify does allow use of autonomous links, meta descriptions, page titles, page URL’s and image alt tags to help advance the ranking of your engine and give you the opportunity to have a well integrated blog, use your domain name and a social sharing button (very crucial to SEO’s).

Shopify offers the benefit of reducing traffic while moving to another platform, in that it redirects traffic which you built from a different platform without having to compromise the SEO rankings. But oracle on the other hand increases search traffic to your site. This is a saver, as on a normal basis you would lose some organic traffic due to migrating to a different platform, making it a good option to settle for.


Shipping Provider Integrations

Almost all purchases made on ecommerce require shipment. This calls for the need of integrating your platform with a shipping provider to ensure clients get to see the updated shipping rates while at the same time your products get shipped efficiently.

Shopify integrates with Fedex, USPS and UPS (default options) but not with DHL. On the other hand Oracle integrates with Fedex, UPS and Oracle E-business suite.

As shipping is a significant part of the business, verify that you have outlined the providers you deem fit to integrate with before proceeding to settling for a platform. An oversight on this significant area may cost you a lot.

Business to business support

Business to business sales are considered more complicated, thus you need to know if the platform you want to settle for can perfectly handle it. Shopify plus supports B2B functionality only and requires add ons. Oracle’s B2C software solution has the potential of providing an experience that can be referred to as omni-channel, which has a customizable storefront.


The question remains, what platform should you settle for? This is not a straight-forward issue. Both oracle and Shopify plus offer exemplary benefits when it comes to delivery to clients. Thus it all trickles down to what perfectly suits your enterprise.

If you want to have a quick launch, a better user-friendly interface and transparency when it comes to using third party applications, then Shopify plus is the way to go. When it comes to securing the best database management system, Oracle would come in handy. This is because its database administration happens to be the only one that has the capacity and ability to accommodate different needs. Its features ensure the database performs well.

However the decision you make should be influenced largely with the unique features and circumstances of your firm and the goals you have set for it. Thus get to do an extensive research before making a decision.

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